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Motorized Audio Ethernet VGA BNC Retractable Reels, for longer runs allow a motor to retract your cables. Call for custom OEM cabling and sizing for quotes.
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motorized retractable indoor reel using 18v ac/dc power supply, this unit will extract and retract with a remote switch, customer will choose cable and length remote switch for add costs, xlr, mic, coaxial, cat5e, cat6, cat7, VGA,  DC power, fiber optic, Lightcast Moto Reel 500

motorized retractable reel up to 150m or 500' foot cable capable

List Price: $1,900.00
Our Price: $1,800.00
motorized retractable cat6 cat7 shielded ethernet cable reel, cat 6 cable reel, cat 6 ethernet cable reel, retractable cat 6 cable,retractable cat 6 cable, cat 6 data reel,  cat 6 ethernet cable reel, cat6 ethernet cable reel, 330 foot 100 meter motorized retractable Cat7 shielded ethernet lan reel 100 meter 330' foot cable

motorized retractable Cat7 unshielded ethernet lan reel 330' foot cable

List Price: $2,450.00
Our Price: $2,250.00
Sale Price: $1,850.00
You save $600.00!
Motorized audio ethernet VGA BNC retractable reels