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Slow Traffic Down In your Neighborhood

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Residential speeding is the most common citizen complaint issued to police departments and city council representatives throughout the United States. Neighborhood speeding creates a danger to pedestrians, to bicyclists and especially to children.

The fatality rate in residential zones due to car accidents is nearly 3 times the rate on highways. Studies have proven that slowing traffic down will greatly reduce the chances of a fatal accident involving pedestrians and automobiles. A small change in speeds has a dramatic effect on whether those involved live or die.

The speed limit in most neighborhoods is 25 mph.

  • At only 20 mph, 15% of pedestrians struck by an automobile will die of their injuries.
  • At 30 mph 55% will die.
  • At 40 mph, 85% will die.

Why do driver feedback signs work?

Most speeders in your neighborhood live in the neighborhood. Very often drivers are speeding without even realizing it. We have all done it. We are driving along thinking about what we have to do, where we are supposed to be, who we need to call, often never realizing that we are exceeding the speed limit. The driver feedback sign shifts the brain out of the alpha state where the brain is aware but relaxed into the beta state where the brain is alert and focused. As a result the driver responds to the flashing speed alert and slows down.

MPH Feet/Second Time to Travel 100 ft
20 29.3 3.41 seconds
25 36.7 2.72 seconds
30 44.0 2.27 seconds
35 51.3 1.95 seconds
40 58.7 1.70 seconds
45 66.0 1.52 seconds
50 73.4 1.36 seconds

It's hard to imagine how many feet you travel in a vehicle at different speeds. Consider that in many subdivisions a lot size is generally around 100 feet long on the street. Now look how quickly you move down a neighborhood street even at slow speeds:

A vehicle traveling 40 MPH will still be going 36 MPH when it hits a person who suddenly appears in the street 100 feet ahead of it. The average driver going 25 MPH would be able to come to a full stop within 100 feet!

Neighborhood speeding and unsafe traffic speeds put you and your family in danger. Radarsign offers a variety of radar speed signs to provide residential traffic calming, as well as neighborhood speeding and traffic management.

What can be done about reducing driving speeds in your neighborhood?

Radarsign’s driver feedback signs offer a great neighborhood traffic calming solution because they give drivers notice that they are speeding. Tests repeatedly show that speeders WILL slow down up to 80% of the time when alerted by a driver feedback sign. Typical average speed reductions are 10-20%, and overall compliance with the posted speed limit will go up by 30-60%.

An additional benefit is that our driver feedback signs can collect speed data on up to 500,000 vehicles providing you with a tool for neighborhood traffic management. Data can then be analyzed using StreetSmart, our traffic statistics software, allowing you to:

  • Pinpoint consistent speeding times during the day, providing law enforcement the best information about when to patrol

  • Provide a baseline of the actual speeding problem when traffic speed data is collected with the LED display off and compared with data captured with the LED display on

  • When compared to the 'DISPLAY OFF' speed statistics, StreetSmart proves the traffic calming effect of the sign in slowing drivers

  • Monitor the traffic calming effectiveness of the driver feedback sign on an ongoing basis

Radarsign driver feedback sign are:

  • The most vandal resistant signs on the market today. Designed for extreme durability, our radar speed signs can even withstand gunshots and sustain only minor damage.

  • Energy Efficient. They require the lowest power consumption for operation than comparable products on the market today.

  • Versatile. By offering more flexibility and portability in mounting options our signs can be used in multiple environments.

  • The best value on the market today for accomplishing traffic calming when compared to other radar speed signs, speed humps, speed bumps, traffic circles etc.

Benefits of a Radarsign Driver Feedback Sign

  • Slower speeds = Safer streets

  • Slower speeds = Lower emissions

  • Slower speeds = Higher perceived value in home pricing

  • Avoids all the negatives of speed humps including:

    • Slower response times of emergency vehicles: police, fire and ambulance

    • Added wear and tear on your vehicle

    • Increased noise

    • Pits neighbor against neighbor (for vs. against)

    • Required expense of maintenance

    • Perceived neighborhood speeding problem could lower house values

Radarsign's sign choices for Home Owners Associations (HOAs)

  • A/C powered radar speed sign

  • Battery powered radar speed sign

  • Solar powered radar speed sign

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